Thursday, October 09, 2008

Some Radical Thoughts

In recent days I've heard a number of people sharing about their grave concern over the current financial state of our country. The problem I have with some of the rants I hear, especially on TV, is the panic and gross over reaction. Yes, this is serious business. However, to this point for most of us is money lost on paper, money lost that is set aside for our retirement. So it's serious, but for most of us it doesn't effect our ability to buy groceries, etc. I think this is especially true where I live. On the news update this morning they report that IBM had a growth in profits this last quarter and anticipate more growth as we move forward. They are the second largest employer behind Mayo, and I don't anticipate few people getting sick. So from where I sit the flow of income should remain fine for a while, even if retirement funds might take a hit.

Here is the irony of the situation, as I see it. On our money we print, "In God we trust." If we actually lived that we would far less anxiety than what I'm experiencing around me. The problem is we have instead put our trust in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Wall Street among others. This has led us to focus on money and material things and we have allowed that to represent security for us instead of our security being found in the love of God.

So here is a radical idea for the sake of your current financial situation. As you are looking at things and you're thinking you might need to rearrange your financial priorities you are going to be tempted to put things like church offering and other giving to God's ministry at the bottom and give what you have left over. To the world that would appear logical. However, I want to encourage you to take a risk and put your trust in God. As you rearrange priorities try putting your offering and charitable gifts at the top. Give to God first and then let the other bills fall into place. You might just be surprised by how well you really are doing.


In a somewhat unrelated note, I have to admit, I'm starting to get drained on this whole election thing. Part of this is related to a realization I have recently come to, I don't think God really cares a whole lot about our election... at least not in the sense of whether McCain or Obama wins. God may be watching with interest. God may already know is going to win. However, I believe God cares more about you and your relationship with God than about the particular outcome of the election.

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