Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Random Campaign Thoughts

* I was watching a news update this morning when they showed a clip of some recent comments from Gov. Palin. My thought? "She was mean!" It was a clip of her making a remark about Obama's former pastor as well as fellow board member Bill Ayers. I also thought, "She's good." She was absolute genius in those clips in making mean attacks while saying it in a super, sweet voice. To be fair, Barack Obama is pretty good at speaking in a similar way, but I think Sarah Palin just might be better.... Here's the problem. When I was a kid, just because I said it with a nice tone of voice I still wasn't allowed to say mean things about people. I wish our politicians could learn that lesson.

* Any chance we will learn anything new, or see any "major" slips by either of the candidates in tonights debate? I'm doubtful. I'm intrigued, but not terribly hopeful. Maybe I'll take advantage of the time to catch up on some of the programs I missed last night while I watched my Vikings win on Monday Night Football.

* Sen. Norm Coleman has an ad out that makes me giggle every time I see it. In the ad he mentions tightening up the borders, while showing a picture of a border crossing with a Canadian flag in the background. To be fair, I appreciate Sen. Coleman speaking to what he plans to do with a specific issue, and border patrol is a legitimate issue (even if I don't personally care about it all so much). What makes me giggle is the Canadian flag. It makes me think, "Thank goodness! I feel so threatened by those darn Canucks!"

* Thank goodness for places like "The Daily Show" and "Saturday Night Live" that help us laugh at all of this stuff, otherwise we might need to cry.

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