Monday, October 06, 2008


One of the great things about looking at these "What's happening with my baby" books is the most common format is a section title that says, "This is happening with my baby" and the response is more often than not, "It is normal." Isn't it nice to hear "normal"?

Today we went to the doctor for Andrew's one month check up. He had grown almost 2 in. to 23 inches and gained just over 3 lbs. and is now 11 lbs. 2.5 oz. The doctor told us that was "normal" growth. That was relief. It was also reassuring that we are still "normal" as parents and not just becoming week. Lugging around an 11 lb. kid can wear a person out after a while.

"Normal" was reassuring for us, but it is also comforting to me that he is taking after me. So far, he is growing out faster than he is growing up. He's looking more and like Daddy every day. Unfortunately for me I am done growing up, but not out. Fortunately for Andrew he will eventually grow up more than he will grow out.

For now, we'll keep praying for "Normal" for Andrew... and for you.

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