Friday, October 03, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Debate Last Night

Not that you really care, but here are some of the random things I find myself thinking about after watching last nights Vice-Presidential Debate:

* Gov. Palin largely did a nice job establishing herself as a Washington outsider. However, she also appeared to be a typical politician by not necessarily answering the question asked. Is that really all so different from the politicians in my lifetime?
* It was interesting to see how many stations turned to a panel of women to get their reaction. I hope some of these women can be tapped for their "expert" opinion beyond commenting on Gov. Palin, we might find that there are more than old, wrinkly, white guys who have helpful insights on politics.
* I have to admit I was a little disappointed there wasn't some sort of meltdown from either candidate. Let's be honest, I was watching in hopes of catching a train wreck.
* I would have liked a format a little more like the first presidential debate where the candidates would have been encouraged to go more directly at each other.
* It was nice to see Gov. Palin conceding that there were places in which their opinions lined up, unlike Sen. McCain was willing to do last week. It is not a sign of weakness.
* I wonder, at what point will it no longer be noticed that one of the candidates is a woman? Or African American?
* While I think it's silly that a woman would vote for McCain/Palin just because Gov. Palin is a woman, I think I can understand a little. I live in Minnesota. In 1984 one of our own ran for President (Walter Mondale). How many people voted for him just because he was from Minnesota? Had Gov. Pawlenty been running for Vice-President instead of Gov. Palin, I bet there would be a good number of people from around here who would vote for him because he's from here.
* I wish the two candidates would share more about what they really think and not so carefully couch everything into their talking points. Honestly, do I need to hear that Obama will bring the waves of change and that McCain is a Maverick any more?
* I am amazed by how much more interested I am in this election than I have been the last few. I wonder if it's the candidates, or is it that I'm just getting older.

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