Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Fairness

I know at times I have been a bit more critical of the Republican party. As they say on the local sports radio station, "FICA (Fairness In Conversation Act), the Republicans are certainly trying to do the right thing."

As I've watched some of this financial stuff unfold I think Pres. Bush is working hard to try and do the right thing. I think he has even said some good things in regards to encouraging us not to panic in face of what we're seeing on Wall Street, etc. The problem, I see, is that he said similar things as we entered into Iraq and the majority of this country see the war as a colossal blunder of policy by Pres. Bush and the administration. I hope he continues to work in a positive direction.

Speaking of Pres. Bush, this current financial situation has brought something interesting to light for me. Regardless of what you think of the President and his policies he is still our president, our leader, right? Whatever happened to being supportive of our leaders? Now, I don't have a problem offering advice for making improvements, or even disagreeing with decisions that are made. Even so, I think we need to find a way to support our leader. I think that's going to be critical as we elect a new president as well. If the polls are correct close to half of us are going to be disappointed with whomever wins.

Finally, did you see the rally/town meeting for McCain this last weekend where the woman accused Obama of being an "Arab" (which I suspect if she could come up with the word would have said "terrorist" instead)?

(Uggh, did you notice these questions came from my beloved home state of MN? I thought we were level headed reasonable people?) Did you see the way Sen. McCain deflected those attacks on Sen. Obama from the crowd? Oh, I suppose, the McCain campaign can be accused for stirring the pot with their rhetoric, however, I really like the way that Sen. McCain responded. I really, really hope this is a sign of the way things are going to go with the campaign in the final month.

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