Monday, October 20, 2008

Death of Conservatism?

Early Sunday morning before heading off to worship I was watching the Chris Matthews Show. Towards the end of the show it was suggested that the success of Barack Obama indicates the death of conservative era which began with Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan in 1964. One of the panel members who views himself very much a conservative, so much so he suggested getting chills just thinking about Pres. Reagan and some of the things he championed, suggested that maybe it's not done but Pres. Bush has killed it for the time being.

Then I learn that on Meet the Press Collin Powell is now endorsing Barack Obama for president. So I'm starting to think maybe there's something to this notion.

So here's what I'm wondering: Since I wasn't born until after 1964, I tend to fall a little more liberally politically, and I haven't really paid real close attention to politics until the last 5-6 years I'm wondering what others think about this notion. Are we seeing the end of the conservative era? Did Pres. Bush essentially kill it? Just drive it into hibernation? What does this seemingly substantial lead by Barack Obama say about conservative politics, if anything?

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