Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday "Fried" Five

As I zip around the webring it is quite clear that we are getting BUSY. "Tis the season" when clergy and laypeople alike walk the highwire from Fall programming to Christmas carrying their balancing pole with family/rest on the one side and turkey shelters/advent wreaths on the other.And so I offer this Friday Five with 5 quick hit questions... and a bonus:

1) Your work day is done and the brain is fried, what do you do?
I would really like to say I exercise or something healthy like that. Reality, however, is that it is more often than not TV. In large part because what gets me "fried" is thinking too much about stuff and TV has a wonderful way of allowing my brain to turn off, which is really a release I need. Things like exercise and reading simply help stimulate my brain, and that's not always a good thing in my life.

2) Your work week is done and the brain is fried (for some Friday, others Sunday afternoon), what do you do?
Sunday afternoon is absolutely nap time. My wife and I typically like to try and do something that gets us out of the house. For a while our tradition was to drive into town to a coffee shop and relax with a cup of coffee and a good book on our Friday off. Unfortunately, her class schedule hasn't really allowed for that in quite some time. Perhaps when the semester is over we can begin the tradition anew.

3) Like most of us, I often keep myself busy even while programs are on the tv. I stop to watch The Office and 30 Rock on Thursday nights. Do you have 'stop everything' tv programming or books or events or projects that are totally 'for you' moments?
I am absolutely saddened to answer this one. Our list of shows is far too long. They include: Chuck, Prison Break, Boston Legal, Law & Order: SVU, Survivor, ER, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It appears "House" my be getting added to the list, which is unfortunate because we've been working hard to remove some. If either of our teams (Vikings, Packers, Badgers, or Gophers) are on TV we'll usually make a point of watching them play as well.

4) When was the last time you laughed, really laughed? What was so funny?
Last spring after one of the evenings of Synod Assembly a bunch of local pastors and their spouses gathered at one of the pastors houses. I couldn't tell you what was specifically funny, but I clearly remember laughing from deep down in the bottom of my belly. Part of it was just some really great people with some wonderful senses of humor. Part of it was that we were all pastors who understand the inability to let down our hair in the company of parishoners and we were finally able to do it in this particular setting. I'm going to get to spend some extended time with them this coming week at our synod theological conference and I am very much looking forward to that.

5) What is a fairly common item that some people are willing to go cheap on, but you are not.
At the risk of sounding totaly lame or trying to cop out, I think we (especially me) are cheap when it comes to everything... Of course, now that I look back on it, this just might be a political season inspired answer.
Wow, after reading my friends answers here, I realized I needed to amend my answer to look a lot more like his. You shouldn't... no... can't go cheap on either beer or coffee, especially coffee. The difference in taste is well worth the price... Thanks Pastor Scott!

Bonus: It's become trite but is also true that we often benefit the most when we give. Go ahead, toot your own horn. When was the last time you gave until it felt good?
I don't know if I can recall the last time, but there is a giving moment that stands out in my head. About ten years ago now I was meeting with a group of friends for a bible study at a local coffee shop. Just a day or two before we were meeting I had come into a good chunk of money, at least for me. (I think it was a tax refund, but to be honest I no longer remember where it came from.) I decided I wanted to do something fun with it. So I arrived at the coffee shop early and I wrote a check for $100 and said I wanted to anonymously pay for everybody that came after me until the money was used up. I swear they started giving discounts on drinks for the number of people that got free ones. It was so much fun to watch peoples reactions. Eventually we went into our meeting room and one of my friends came in with so much excitement saying, "You got hurry out there, they're giving free drinks." It was worth it to see that smile from ear to ear. A few days later I received a thank you note (because my address was on the check) from the coffee shop that was even signed by a number of customers. That was a REALLY fun night.


will smama said...

Cool coffee house moment. No need to apologize for chillin' in front of the tv. That is what the question was about.

Thanks for playing.

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