Monday, October 20, 2008

Slow Down

Over the past week or so I've read a number of devotions that have talked about the busyness of life. One today talked about hurried discipleship. How often do we look at discipleship as a set of programs, twelve step process, or something we can power up to in a relatively short period of time. Yet, isn't discipleship about relationship...the relationship... our relationship with Jesus? When have you ever built a relationship in 8 steps or 6 weeks and then were able to call it good for life? You haven't! Discipleship is something that takes time, takes a lifetime, and only happens by slowing down, setting "doing" aside, and nurturing that relationship.

We talked about this notion a little bit last week at our church council meeting. I asked the question, "What would it be like, what would happen, if we shut down all programing here at Christ Lutheran and hung out with Jesus for a year?" One person was actually brave enough to give the answer as most people were probably thinking with "It wouldn't work." We as a church have programmed people to think that the way we counteract the busyness of the world is by creating our own busyness. The response also gets at the concern that if we're not doing "stuff" then we also won't be bringing in money. So it becomes a bottom line issue as well.

But what, if we did slow down and take this discipleship thing seriously? What if we shed some of the things of the world and focused on building a relationship with Christ? The world would likely push back. We might find ourselves living with less money in our bank account. We might find ourselves volunteering at community service organizations. We might find our priorities completely readjusted... But would that be all bad? Would the rewards be worth it?

What do you think?

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