Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Lesson From Children

Have you ever noticed how children have little fear? At least when it comes to asking people they know to be engaged in what they're doing. Spend a little time with a child and you'll inevitably hear something like, "Watch me!" or "Come with me." Their baseline assumption is that, of course, you want to watch them, and why wouldn't you want to join in on what they're doing?

What if we took more of that approach with evangelism? What if we assumed that people wanted to join in with what we're doing, wanted to join in on the work God is up to in the world? When we're sitting around the coffee shop talking about the kids, the garden, and other aspects of life stories of how we're engaging in our faith should be a natural part of our conversation. You can invite them to join you in worship, because of course they want to join you. You can share with them what you are learning in Bible study, because of course they want to know.

What if we approached evangelism a little more like children?

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