Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And A Child Shall Lead Them 2

This last spring we were in Dawn's hometown visiting with family. The local congregation was in the process of calling a new pastor. Dawn's brother happened to be on the call committee so this was a hot topic. Quickly, as you might expect, the conversation turned to talking about the concerns about how they were going to pay for the pastor and the struggles this small, rural congregation was having. In the midst of it our 3rd grade nephew broke in with, "Money, money, money, that's all you ever worry about."

I don't think he had any idea how profound a statement he had made, but he got it. How often do we in the church sit around and worry & fret about money? How often is it at the detriment of actually doing ministry? What might happen if we worried more about mission and making ministry happen than about money? Can you imagine the impact we might have in this world for the sake of the kingdom?

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