Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting Politics

Last night we had dinner with some friends and someone commented that current politics (referring to the presidential election) is better than any reality tv show.  I think they just might be right (although I still really like "Survivor" and "Wipeout"), just look at John McCain's resent selection for Vice-Presidential candidate.  His selection of Sarah Palin is kind of intriguing, especially since it appears to have come almost completely out of the blue.  In the brief clips they've shown on the news she appears to be a vibrant, dynamic, exciting personality.  On the surface if the four candidates for president and vice-president could provide for some exciting political dialog.... if they can stick with promoting what they believe in and stay away from attacking the other side (which I really don't see happening).

Without knowing a whole lot about Sarah Palin, I do have one concern about her jumping into the race.  I am afraid of the people who will simply jump to voting for McCain/Palin just because she is a woman.  Now, if you like what she stands for and agree with her positions then go for it.  If you are voting for her because of gender, I think that belittles women and is doing the opposite of what you're wanting to do by voting for her.  Can't the same be said of Obama?  Don't vote for him because he is African-American.  Vote for him because you fall more on his side of the issues than McCain.

I think it's great that no matter who gets elected we will be making history of some sort.  It certainly will make for an interesting election.  However, when you go to the polls to vote please, PLEASE make your decision based on issues and stands and not on gender and skin color.


mompriest said...

I am introducing your blog to the revgals at the Meet and Greet on Monday. Welcome to our blogging community.

A great way to get to know us is to participate in the Friday Five and the Saturday Preacher Party.

Sally said...

Great counsel on voting.

Welcome to revgals!!!