Friday, August 29, 2008


What is your picture of heaven like? Do you imagine a never ending golf course? How about ever flowing rivers, or a giant sandy beach with gentle ocean waves? Perhaps there's a La-Z-Boy in your image. I'm doubtful that any of that is the case (although I have been wrong before so I could be here as well).

What if we thought of heaven more in terms of an invitation? Imagine heaven as an invitation to partner along side of God in the work that God is doing. Wouldn't that be awesome to work side by side to heal the sick, feed the poor, encourage the grieving, and to bring joy to the nations? Imagine you and the creator of the universe working together to change the world, to mold it into God's image. Now there's a picture of heaven that numerous people can get excited about.

Here's the thing, you have that invitation right now. God is calling, and inviting you to join in the work that God is up to in the world. Just think of the vast potential that lives inside of you. You can use your thoughts and energy for jealousy, anger, greed, fear, or seeking the life presented in commercials. You could also allow your mind to be renewed and focus on thoughts that are good, true, courageous, noble, or of the life presented by Jesus. You could invest your money to accumulate stuff or you could use it to build up God's church, to feed the poor, heal the sick, or encourage the grieving. It's your choice... which way are you going to invest?

You have an invitation to the kingdom of heaven... starting immediately.

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LutheranChik said...


If we could only disabuse people of the notion that salvation is equivalent to "going to heaven when I die."