Monday, June 16, 2008


I heard an artist once talking about sculpture. He spoke about looking at a block of wood or granite and not only seeing the picture of what he wanted but also the picture of what then needed to be chipped/carved away. I kind of got me to thinking that maybe leadership, or at least church leadership, might be a little bit like sculpting (it sure feels a lot more like an art than a science to me).

When looking at an organization like a church congregation I think a leader needs to see what it can eventually look like, and then what needs to be chipped away or rearranged. Are there programs that are good (or at least satisfactory) but are masking what it could be? Are there people that might be better suited in other areas of ministry? Are there different parts that need to be built up to properly fit what the leader sees? It certainly sounds like artistry to me.

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