Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reflections and Headlights

Here is an interesting video by Kidz in the Hall, Talib Kweli, and Bunn B. It's a hip-hop video that takes on politics, on behalf of Barack Obama. Hip-hop is music of the people, or a snap shot of current culture. (Did you know "liturgy" comes from a Greek word meaning "public work?" Sounds similar to me.) At the beginning of the video you hear the MC's challenging the politicians to speak to their issues, the issues of the real people. I realize Obama has been accused of being an elitist and McCain has been a politician for years, but what excites me about this upcoming election is that I think both candidates have the ability to relate to the common, every day person. (Note I said "ability" I think it can be argued with both of them how well they do relating.)

Check out the video, I think it's interesting. Also, I encourage you to hang on (or at least skip to) the comments at the end. Obama challenges hip-hop artists to not only be mirrors of the culture, but to shine headlights into the future as well.

Thinking about mirrors and headlights, what are we doing as a church? Are we simply reflecting the culture? Are scrambling to try and find the next "fix" that will relate to, or reflect, the culture so it will be more palatable to the consumer or are we shining the light of Christ into the world?

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