Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cheap Doesn't Always Pay

Given the current price of gas I have taken to driving slower, much slower, to save money by increasing gas mileage. Last night was really no different. I was driving home from St. Paul, cruising along at 55 mph. I had a good number of people pass me, but that was OK because I was in no big hurry. Although, I wonder if maybe I should have been.

Somewhere around Pine Island (the town about 10 miles North of us) it started to rain. As I got closer to home the lightning really began to pick up. It started to lighten a little as I arrived nearly home. I turned down our block and about four houses in there was the brightest flash of light and loudest clap of thunder I may have witnessed in a very long time. As the light faded, so did the street lights. As I got to our house I pushed the button for the automatic door opener... nothing... Turns out I don't have a house key on my key ring either. Why would I? Every time I come home I just drive into the garage and I'm good to go.

If only I hadn't been so cheap. If I had driven the up to the speed limit of 65 I would have been home approximately 15 minutes sooner and would have avoided being locked out of the house for an hour while they worked to restore power.

Then again, maybe I wouldn't have been locked out of the house if I had learned a lesson last year when we got locked out of the house at the end of vacation. Maybe if I would have learned and put a house key on my key chain. Maybe we could have found a good spot to hide a key around the outside of the house. Of course making extra keys and stuff would cost money. Is it really so bad to be locked out the house? Not if it saves you money. :-)

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