Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congregational Critique

I would like to offer a challenge to those members of Christ Lutheran who are reading this blog. I have read in several different places that this generation coming of age now (18-40 year olds depending on who is writing) is looking for two things when considering joining an organization/group. First, there needs to be genuine community. They won't necessarily join for the community, in fact it seems they rarely do, but it needs to be present there for them to join. Second, they want to make a difference in the world and so that organization/group needs to allow them to join in making a difference.

When I look at traditional church structures typically the group responsible for creating genuine community is called something like the "fellowship committee." It's true everybody needs to be responsible, but typically it's the fellowship committee that works hard to help facilitate community within a congregation. The group traditionally responsible for making a difference in the world is called the "social concerns committee" or "service committee." Again, everybody really is responsible, but there typically needs to be a group to facilitate opportunities.

So here is the challenge to Christ Lutheran members reading. When I look around at the structure of our congregation I do not see a fellowship committee nor do I see a social concerns committee. So who is going to be responsible, and hold us responsible as a congregation, to work at creating genuine community and making a difference in the world?

Thoughts? (Am I off my rocker? Right on target? Something else?) Ideas? (What changes would you suggest? How might we address this?)

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