Monday, June 02, 2008

Discovering Passion

What are you passionate about?

That can either be a wonderful question or horribly painful. If an answer immediately comes to mind it is wonderful because you immediate go that place where energy begins to bubble up from deep within you. If you don't know, or even worse have forgotten, then it can be painful because you instinctively know what joy that might bring but instead you recognize gaping emptiness that is there instead.

So where does that passion come from? I suspect a big part of that answer comes from discovering how passionately God loves and cares for you. How can one really forget the image of the prodigal son crawling back to his father ready to beg for forgiveness when he is tackled and embraced with a bear hug to last all eternity by a father who had been heartbroken by the loss of his son. That passion in which the father embraces the son and calls out to his servants to prepare a celebration, we are told, is the exactly the kind of passionate love our heavenly father has for us... So I suspect when we tap into that kind of passion, it's difficult for us not to be passionate as well.

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