Friday, January 23, 2009

A Theology Thought

My understanding of the definition of theology is that it means, "words about God." It is, then, our attempt to use words to describe God and God's actions. Yet, they are our words. They are human words, not The Word. So why is that we act like theology is "done", that we have come up with the defining words about The Word?

We don't expect scientists to ever be finished. We expect that there will always be something new to discover. We don't expect artists to ever be finished. We expect that there will always be another picture to create or story to tell. Why, then, would we ever expect to be done discovering and telling about God?

Don't get me wrong, theologians like Martin Luther and John Calvin were absolutely brilliant. Yet, somehow, I suspect that if we were to bring them back from the dead they would probably agree that they had not spoken/written the definitive word on God. Yet we teach people as if they have... is it any wonder that seminary education sometimes feels a bit lifeless?

I think that it's about high time we start reclaiming our wrestling match with theology. We need to recognize that our theologies are just human words and sometimes they will sound childish and maybe even be a misunderstanding. However, we ought to continue to mold and craft our understanding of God. I have a hunch that's part of what's been so refreshing for so many people with books like, "The Shack"... because it comes off as an honest, raw wrestling with theology.

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