Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Inaugaration Thought

It was interesting watching "The Today Show" this morning... OK, it did get old essentially only having one topic, but that they were focused on the inauguration of our first "black" president on the same day we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the reports they had was speculating on whether Obama or 50 Cent will have a greater impact on this generation. Here is one response to the report they had.

My response got me to thinking about "The Cosby Show." One of the things that they are lauding about the Obama's is that they are a black family still in tact. Remarkable to many in a generation where that isn't always so much the case. I have a hunch that in the long run Barack Obama will have a greater impact on our culture. In the short term it just might be 50 Cent, or some other rap/pop music icon...

Yet, I think any positive influence someone like Barack Obama, 50, or even folks like Jay-Z or P-Diddy might have on the African American community has to have some roots in "The Cosby Show." I believe that show went a long way in portraying a smart, educated, African American family in an extremely positive, All-American, light.

An interesting (at least to me), related side note is that "The Cosby Show" was somewhat ground breaking by showing an intact African American family when that wasn't always so much the case in the the African American community. (Or so certain media critics suggested at the time.) Now it seems to be an aboration for our entire culture, no matter your race.

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