Thursday, January 08, 2009

Be Our Guest

At first blush this petition is much like the first one we prayed. You see, it certainly is true that Jesus is present with us and so we, once again, are asking that Christ would be present with us at this table. Thanks to the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, Jesus most certainly comes and joins us in the meal. It is with little irony that it is in the meal that this petition gains power. It is the meal that reminds us of the Last Supper, which is the prelude to the greatest servant move of all time. So this petition becomes a reminder to us that just as Christ humbled himself we too are to humble ourselves as we are called to serve. First and foremost we are to serve Jesus, whom we are asking in this petition to be our guest so that we might serve them as good hosts. Consequently we also are proclaiming that we desire Jesus to be glorified in all that we do.

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Pastor Eric said...

I am enjoying your commentary on this familiar prayer that I grew up with as well. And I too just cruise through these words so it is nice to stop and reflect a little more.

I look forward to reading more.