Thursday, March 06, 2008

Moving On

OK, Ok, I'll admit I've been a bit distracted this week. I've been busy hitting F5 on various Iditarod update pages. I have been completely sucked in once again. It also hasn't helped to have Brett Favre retire at the beginning of the week and all of the various updates on that situation as well. Honestly, who has time to blog in the midst of such chaos?

Anyway, I've been struck recently by the news medias ability to let go of things, to mourn, and to grieve. It started last week when WCCO news anchor Bill Carlson died. Every night since he died last Friday they have spent a significant amount of time talking about the life and impact Bill had around the station, and the country really. An interesting side note to all of this is the greatest compliment they keep sharing over and over is how he treated everybody the same, "Whether you were a Hollywood movie star or a fan of his attending the state fair." Too bad we can't say that about more people, because it seems like such a simple thing to do. But I digress... On the sports stations it has been nonstop talk about Brett Favre and his retirement.

What gives? Yes! Bill Carlson was a wonderful man. Yes! Brett Favre was a tremendous football player, and seems like a nice guy as well. What makes it so hard to move on? I wondered about this when the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis this last summer. What is it about our culture that encourages our media to obsess in this sort of way? Is it because we're so removed from death in our culture today? Is it because we're so connected from one another relationally? Is it because we lack faith and trust in God? What is it? I honestly don't know. What I do know is that there is a disconnect somewhere and perhaps as people of faith we need to figure it out and begin to address it, to pray about it, to bring God into this.

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