Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Every Day Easter?

I was looking at Monday's devotion in "Christ in our Home" this morning. The author took a quick look at groups like AA where the motto is "one day at a time." You see it takes time to change. When changing habits, really, we're just exchanging one for another. A smoker gives up cigarettes, but takes on popping M&M's instead. It's the way we seem to be wired. That's why AA encourages things like "one day at a time," because to never have another drink for the rest of your life is a HUGE, daunting. Yet to not drink today has the chance of being doable.

So that's where the author drew us back to Luther. In talking about baptism Luther talked about daily dying to sin. So there it is, a daily thing. I don't just show up for worship on Sunday morning and I am done with sin for good. We need to return to our confession and forgiveness every day. In the same way many of us found great joy in celebrating the resurrection this past Sunday.

There was music, enthusiasm, new clothes and all kinds of other things to signify the festiveness of the occasion. However, just like all of these other things that one time event just isn't going to do it for us in the long run. We need to return to the resurrection on a daily basis. Make EVERY day Easter. It wasn't a one shot gift, so let's celebrate as often as we can, both in big and small ways.

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Pastor Eric said...

The "CEOs" (Christmas Easter Only) people of our congregations need to hear this...as we all do.

Happy Easter!