Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gospel of Avodart

I do believe it is the Avodart commercials that say, "It's not a going problem, but a growing problem." As I look at the readings for this coming Sunday, which really ultimately resonate through every Sunday, I see once again that call to go. The women show up at the tomb, they are scared, and Jesus says, "Go." How many of us are filled with fear, especially when we hear Jesus' call to "Go"?

It's understandable, this call to ministry is scary. It's understandable because we live in a world filled with fear. We've cultivated a culture of fear. Over the past weeks we've heard lots of gloom and doom coming from Wall Street. Over the last several years politicians have been running on a platform of fear. "Don't let the terrorists win, elect me!" they proclaim. We hear regular reports of predators on "Nightline," Dateline," and "20/20." Fear surrounds us everywhere, so it's natural to be scared. We can't compartmentalize fear, it just sort of creeps throughout all of our lives.

So what do we do to confront this fear? Our instincts make us think we need to grow in faith. Yet, like becoming a parent, are you ever really ready? Are you ever prepared enough? Honestly, as a father to be, can I ever read enough books to prepare me for what will happen with my child? I just need to go and experience being a father to really understand what that means. Likewise, are we ever really fully prepared for anything life may bring our way?

See, I think what we've got going is a situation similar to an Avodart commercial. "It's not a GROWING problem, but a GOING problem." Jesus' solution for the fear the women faced was to tell them to "Go and tell." When faced with this fear we are called to mission, to evangelism, to "Go and tell." That doesn't mean the fear goes away, I don't know if it ever really does (because if it's not one thing we fear, then it's another). However, we can learn to live through the fear. We have the promise that when we go God goes with us. We have the promise that when we go God goes before us. So GO!


Pastor Eric said...

Hey there...I just stumbled across your blog on facebook.

Thanks for the post. I love how you play with the Avodart tag line as a call for us to "Go" and be who we are created to be. And I believe you're right...there is indeed a growing problem with going. We just need to get used to the fact that if we are called to go (and we are) then God will not leave us to our own power. Like you said, God goes with us.

Thanks again for sharing and stop by "my place" sometime at
Have a very happy and blessed Easter.

LawAndGospel said...

I found your blog because of Pastor Eric- I am a fellow Blogging Lutheran and a seminarian at Gettysburg. Eric posted we should stop by and check it out. Enjoyed this post- you can find me at, blogging as Law and Gospel.