Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Some say the eyes are a window to a persons soul... It is true you can learn a lot by looking into a persons eyes. We have found that to be particularly true watching our 3 month old son. I really love to watch as he sits up and immediately his eyes start to dart around the room. He's soaking everything in, learning anything he can about his surroundings.

Lately, Andrew, has started to discover his hands. On several occasions we've caught him working really hard to fold his hands (about the cutest thing ever). He has also recently discovered he can put his hand in his mouth and have something else to suck on. Oh yeah, and if it doesn't fall too far he is figuring out how to get the pacifier back in his mouth.

What I see is eyes looking to constantly learn. As an infant child it appears that Andrew has found great joy in learning. In fact, his eyes are constantly searching to learn more. I wonder, what happens to us that we lose that insatiable desire to learn? Where did it fall away? Oh, from time to time I enjoy learning. but it's not a passion. Some people still have it, how did they maintain it? Why is it when I give in to my desire to explore, and hence learn, the people around me make fun of me?

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