Thursday, September 25, 2008


As we were driving up to seminary for one of Dawn's classes today we came across a section of road that narrowed from two lanes down to one lane. As you can imagine it created a bit of a back up, especially since we were getting rather close to St. Paul. It was interesting for me to note that it was a much worse back up than one that we came across a half hour earlier for some other bridge work. Sure part of the problem was that there were simply more people on the road at the second construction site. Yet, it also got me to thinking.

As I watched as traffic slowed from 65 m.p.h. to stop and go I couldn't help but wonder... why is it so very congested? Why do we make it so complicated? I understand that there is going to be a slow down, but did we need to come to a stop? It made me wonder... is this just another sign of our selfishness as humans? Honestly, if people were to allow the traffic to naturally merge where it is designed to merge it would slow down, but not come to a halt (I don't think). Instead, though we try to rush ahead and cut in at the very last second because we are more important. We pull up as close as we can to the car in front of us so nobody can merge in with us. If you're like me you even pull into the other lane a little bit to discourage other cars from trying to sneak past me. In large part, I think, it comes down to selfish greed. It really is a part of who we are. I suppose that's what we refer to as "original sin". (OK, oversimplified I know, but that's who I am.)

Maybe we can all try and be a little more selfless and a little less selfish. I know that's something worth my working on.

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