Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day After Debate

Yes, we did watch the presidential debate last night and here is what I'm thinking about this morning. First, I was disappointed that both candidates essentially said this current financial crises and pending $700 billion bailout won't really effect their leadership, especially in terms of spending. Are they in denial? Is it a case of a culture that no longer knows how to sacrifice? Is it just a symptom of the campaign process?

Then as they came to their closings I thought they articulated their foreign policy differences quite clearly. John McCain, like many of my Republican friends said when we started to struggle in Iraq, sees that Iraq is the key to finding peace and stability in the world, especially in the Middle East. Barrack Obama feels that is too narrow a focus and we needed to widen the lens of our world view. I can see both of them being right really. So what I would like to see is some experts in this area (i.e. Henry Kissinger types, etc.) having a meaningful discussion these two different world views and the merits of each position, not about the candidates themselves so much. I don't know that I'll get that or if it's even a realistic expectation, but I would like to see it happen.

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