Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm frustrated, but I don't know if I am more frustrated with them or with me. A couple of nights ago we came back from a walk with Andrew and turned on the TV while we were feeding him. There was a David Blaine special on. He's the one with some pretty cool magic tricks and some really ridiculous stunts (i.e. burried in a block of ice for a couple of weeks). It was the only show on with no real plot so we could pick up on it in the middle of the program. We also felt we could then easily turn it off when we were done and ready for bed. Funny thing is we didn't turn it off.

Maybe I should say, we couldn't turn it off. His big stunt at the end of the program was called "The Dive of Death." We were riveted. What was it going to be? So we kept watching and we kept waiting. For some 40 minutes we watched and our anticipation grew. Then the moment finally came and we watched. He jumped. He hung there a little. Then he was pulled up. Then Dawn and I turned to each other and wondered, "Was that it? Will there be something more? What happened? What did we miss? What was it supposed to be?" I feel like we were completely duped. I also can't help but wonder how the announcer came on at the end of the program and with straight face said something about how amazing it was. Really? Are his expectations that low? Is he that big of a sucker? Am I that big of a sucker that I got sucked into this?... I guess hype works. I fell for it.

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