Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Financial Mess

Like a lot of other people I've been thinking about our countries recent financial mess. How can you not, it's all over the news? Here's what I've been thinking about. At first glance it is troubling from the stand point that it all starts with mortgage's and housing, something we all need. Our financial troubles are all tied into life's basics, and that's scary to me.

However, as we continue to look at it we realize that it's not just about a basic roof over our head. We've run into this mortgage problem because of the greed of companies trying to make more money and so they begin offer unbelievable rates. We fall into the trap and start believing these incredible rates and our greed kicks in and we start feeling like we need more home, and so we bought them. All of us got in over our head and we've come to realize that there was a reason we shouldn't have believed the rates.

So, in some ways, I don't feel all so bad because we brought it upon ourselves. In some ways I think we can learn some valuable lessons that our grandparents, who are products of the Great Depression, have been trying to teach us all along. This credit generation probably needs to learn these lessons once and for all. Unfortunately, learning experiences are often painful.

I hope and pray that we do learn. Meanwhile, I grieve for the innocent bystanders who are getting washed ashore in the turbulent waters of this financial mess. I pray that our leaders will use wisdom in leading us out of this, that there will be generosity for all and accountability for the sake of our future.

We need not panic, but we must be wise as we watch this mess in the days ahead.

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