Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lazy and Forgetful

Earlier today I was at a meeting in which during our time of worship the pastor suggested that the Muslim faith doesn't really have a notion of original sin as we do in our Christian faith. (Keep in mind this is from another pastor so who knows how reliable that is.) Apparently instead of original sin they believe more that people get lazy and forgetful. I suppose this is a bit of an oversimplification of their understanding, but it does feel kind of true to my experience.

How often do I find myself forgetting what I was going to say? Usually it will get covered with something like, "It probably wasn't all so important." How do we know? It's been lost. Perhaps it was the first step towards world peace, or an idea for a million dollar invention. Of course that's me. Then there are the people of faith. Take the Israelites, for example, after being freed from slavery they seemed to have forgotten about how terrible their previous conditions had been and that God was the one that had set them free and was providing for them in the wilderness. Look at the letters of Paul to various congregations and their church fights, misunderstandings, etc. Don't we make all of those mistakes repeatedly ourselves? Have we forgotten already? Or is it that we've gotten lazy, because to be honest with you to live in relationship with other people is hard work.

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