Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Community Conundrum

Last weekend were up at Luther Seminary for the Baccalaureate service as well as a few other graduation related activities. It got me to thinking about my time at Luther Seminary. What it got me thinking about was that the professors I seemed to most enjoy were the ones who, to me, really genuinely cared for, and enjoyed, the students. Isn't that something all of us are really looking for? A community where people really, genuinely care for us?

So how do we get people there? It seems to me that you can't force/coheres anyone to genuinely care? Maybe you can learn to fake it, but I suspect you'll be found out. So how do we foster a community that cares? Maybe, for all of us it starts with "me."


Pastor Eric said...

A lot of churches talk about this, a number are good at faking it and very few actually do it. Cynical? Maybe, but it seems to be true.

What is the answer to fostering true community; one that trult cares? I think you are on to something, but frankly I would like a quicker answer ;)

Brad <> said...

I am with you...except for maybe the "quicker." I do know that I'm not too excited about needing to change in any way personally.