Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last Sunday the assigned Gospel reading was from Matthew 6, where Jesus exhorts us, "Do not worry." A wonderful thought, but how often do we hear, "Do not worry," and wonder, "Why? What should I be worrying about?" So it was that I found it somewhat ironic that this past Sunday students from Luther Seminary graduated. An interesting fit of scripture and events, I think.

I was also struck by what I would consider the irony of a friend of mine who graduated with the class on Sunday. He grew up on a farm. Nothing wrong with that, but I think sometimes farmers get a falsely stereotyped that they are not real smart (because they seemingly work more with their hands than their brains). There is also a sense that farmers are tied to their land. Here's what I think is great, my "farmer" friend is probably one of the smartest people to be coming out of Luther Seminary this spring. He is also one of the more mission minded pastors coming out of the class as well. I suspect it's more "thanks to," than "despite," his parents that he has turned into this remarkable pastor.

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