Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This last weekend as we were at the wedding reception of a friend I found myself "playing" with a friends soon to be kindergartner. We began imitating each others every move. It was fun game filled with lots of giggles.

I remember as a kid wanting to be just like various other older kids. I would wear my wrist bands in certain way when I played basketball so I could be like the players I looked up to. I tried to walk like the cool kids walked. I have to admit I still find myself doing the same from time to time as I try and imitate others I admire in hopes of becoming more like them.

My parents are ones that I wouldn't mind imitating a little more. They are celebrating their 42nd anniversary today. That wouldn't be bad to imitate.

Today at "Our Daily Bread" the author spoke about imitating Christ, drawing upon 1 Corinthians. Not a bad idea. Perhaps we could all afford to try and imitate Christ a little more. Why not start with a mentor type person? I think we all know people in our lives who live Christ like examples. Perhaps we can start by imitating them. It's the kind of thing Paul encouraged, that others would imitate him who was attempting to imitate Christ. Go ahead, give it a shot. What do you think?

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