Wednesday, June 06, 2007


At home we try really hard to have green thumbs. Sometimes we do pretty well. Much of the time, though, we struggle. We're trying a vegetable garden this, I'll be interesting to see how that all turns out. What we're finding difficult is that it seems that every plant needs a slightly different combination of light and water. If you get that mixture right, they take off like no other. If they aren't nurtured with the right combination of light and water? It can get ugly quick.

Isn't that the case with people though, as well? Each person needs just a slightly different combination of being nurtured with the light of love & compassion and watered with our prayers. I think it's the case whether we're talking about kids or adults who appear almost hopeless. With the right nurturing we can all grow in faith and love. Thankfully, in this case, God is the head gardener... and I'm confident his thumb is a bit greener than mine.

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