Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wisdom & Knowledge

They say we live in an information age. Thanks to the Internet and other such tools we can get our fingers on all kinds of information in mere seconds. The amount of knowledge we can accumulate is phenomenal. Still, it seems, that despite all of this knowledge we lack wisdom. I see wisdom being how you use your knowledge. Solomon was REALLY smart, but he married hundreds of wives and ended up building temples to those wives gods, which led to his downfall. Terrorists like in the 9/11 attack had to acquire a lot of knowledge to be able to pull such a thing off, but it was a lack of wisdom that led them to do what they did. You need to gain a certain amount of knowledge to be able to drive, but you need wisdom to do so safely. Knowledge is available to be gained just about everywhere you turn, but true wisdom begins with one source. Which one will you use today?

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