Monday, May 14, 2007


As I look out my window this morning I can't help but notice the wind. I suppose I should say the effects of the wind (trees bobbing and weaving, the flag sticking almost straight out, etc.). I guess it shouldn't be a surprise, it seems it's windy a lot around here. Yet it strikes me this morning. Yesterday in worship we read the words of Jesus saying that he was going to have to leave, but he was going to send an advocate, the Holy Spirit. Wind is an image, you see, of the Holy Spirit. So I was thinking about this as I watched the wind begin to appear to be on the brink of violence. Isn't that fitting? How often do we desire a God who is warm, gentle and basically a cuddly teddy bear, but get something very different? Have you ever noticed how when you open up your life to be used by God you end up feeling like you've been whipped and battered by the wind? Sometimes God's "nudges" aren't all so gentle. Sometimes we need them to be a little less subtle. So this morning I ponder the wind.

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