Monday, May 07, 2007

Looking Ahead

This last weekend we had a friend visiting us. What was really fun was that she brought her two year old daughter. While Mom, Beth, was helping Dawn with some sort of organic make-up/cleansing party (you know, those things where they charge lots of money for girly things that we guys just don't understand), I got the privilege of hanging out with Nadia. Even though it appeared a little gloomy we just had to go outside. Nadia wanted to go to the park and was thrilled to find that we had three right there. I suppose it should be noted that in her mind any sort of play set was a park. Anyway, the big draw was the swings. We played on the swings for a good long time. We did have a couple of set backs when we switched swings, though. It turned out that when I changed up the direction she was facing when we changed swings, that was not a good thing. I guess direction matters.

Paul talks about direction in life in Philippians 3 as he talks about the importance of looking forward. We have a way of looking to the past. However, when we repent we turn away from that past and we look ahead to the future. How are we ever going to get anywhere if we are looking back? We can't move ahead. I believe we are called to live our lives looking to the future, to the hope and the promise that God has given us.


Anonymous said...

Kids usually have a way of knowing what is right and looking ahead when we can't stop looking back.
Thanks, d

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "direction"- in all senses of the word.
Jane Q