Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wiggle Dance

I was reading today about how bees do a wiggle dance to let other bees know where the sweet stuff is, where they can find food. It's kind of cool how they do that. I guess maybe we do that in ways as well. Think back to the last time you or a friend tried a new restaurant and found the food was good. What did you do? My guess is the response was to, nearly, immediately begin telling people about how great the food was and how you discovered a new place to eat. Maybe it's not the wiggle dance, perhaps we could call it the phone dance. I don't know.

In John 4 a Samaritan woman finds Jesus sitting at the well. Through their exchange she realizes who she is talking to... "The Bread of Life" who provides the "Water of Life" as well. What is her response? She runs into town to tell everyone where they can find this great "food" that will give them life. Have you tasted of the "Bread of Life"? Whom have you told? Perhaps we could all use some dance lessons. I think this food is worthy of a good wiggle dance.

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