Thursday, March 02, 2006

You are not an accident

I like that sentiment. God formed you. God had a purpose for you. However, I have to admit all of this schooling set off a bit of an alarm in me talking about how detailed God's plan was for my life, that God wanted all of this to happen the way it did. Oh, for me that's cool. I've had a good a life with good parents. I can't help but ask, though, about that person born into an abusive family or other horrific life experiences, did God really plan for that suffering? I think that's a dangerous thought. I do like, though, when Warren points out that, "While there are illegitimate parents, there are no illegitimate children."

Still, even better, I like where Warren says, "You were created as a special object of God's love! God made you so he could love you." What a profound notion. We were created simply so that God could love us. Most certainly it had to have been God's hand at work. How else do two cells merge together and then start dividing until we get what we see in the mirror each morning? Either God's had has to be at work in there or we are luckier than any powerball winner ever has been. It becomes even more amazing when you start expanding your view and you see how intricately plants, water, air, and animals all coexist and how in so many ways they work in a way to support our life. God created it all for you because God loves you, because God IS love.... let me blow your mind a little bit more. This is just the beginning of the love story. The love continues to grow.

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