Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Point of View

I think I would agree with today's premise that how you see life shapes your life. I'm not sure exactly how, but I suspect that because I often view, and would describe, life as a rollercoaster it does effect how I chose to live life. I suppose there is something about sitting back with nervous, eager anticipation, enjoying the rush, and looking back and seeing it had gone way too fast. I haven't thought about it much, but I think there is merit. I wonder, what is your analogy for life? What is your image? How do complete, "Life is a..."?

What I'm not all so sure about is the contention that life is a test. I do believe that God tests us along the way of life, but is that one of God's sole purposes? Warren set up the premise that how you view your life shapes how you live it. He even hinted at seeing life as a game is negative because you're always trying to win. I think seeing life as a test, it becomes something you have to get "right." I think that's dangerous. Isn't the point of Jesus' death that we can't get it right and that's why Jesus had to die for our sin? I supposed viewed from the cross I can become okay with the testing. Yes, God tests us, but we pass only because Jesus passed the test for us already.

Being the season of Lent, I think reading this chapter it is a appropriate to pray for forgiveness for not passing the test, for our failures. It is also appropriate to pray a prayer of thankfulness that Jesus passed the test for us so that we can continue taking the test. If we are a success in life, if we pass the tests of life, it is because of Jesus, because of God's hand at work.

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