Monday, March 13, 2006


We are here to bring God pleasure. What a notion. We worship by bringing God pleasure. Amazing. It's fun to watch parents when their babies are born. There is so much love for that child, and that child brings the parents so much pleasure. As a small infant there is nothing that child can really do to bring pleasure to their parents, but they bring endless pleasure just because of who and whose they are. We are children of God. I think it works the same way.

Today there also much talk about worship and I liked it. I think it was a good reminder that worship is not about the music. We use worship and music almost synonymously when we talk about it, but there was worship before there was music. Worship also isn't about you. You often hear people saying things like, "I got a lot out of worship today" or "I sure didn't get much out of today's worship." You know what? It's not about you. Worship is about God. It's nice if you are touched by the presence of God in worship, but that is not the goal. Worship is bringing glory to God, praising God, bringing God pleasure. Worship is not about excellent reminder to start the week.

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