Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wisdom and Google

Our first reading on Sunday we hear Solomon ask for wisdom. It actually got me to thinking about a post I wrote earlier this year. The thoughts from that post were reaffirmed somewhat as I was pointed to an article printed in the Atlantic. The question posed in the article is, "Is Google making us stupid?" Perhaps it isn't necessarily making us stupid, but the evidence appears clear that Google, and the Internet are changing the way we read and think. In fact, the leaders of Google are brash enough to want to create a search engine that will essentially think for us. They are willing to filter for us, we no longer need to think or learn more about a subject to decide what to learn more about. How often do we think beyond the quick snippet of information to the implications, the wider ramifications, of that information and how it might be used? We no longer appear to have space to ponder, discern, and use wisdom. Yet God allows Solomon to ask for anything he could ever dream of, and he asks for Wisdom. Perhaps there's a lesson in there for us as well.

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