Sunday, July 27, 2008


There was a fun article in the paper this morning about new Viking's Defensive End Jerad Allen. For those who aren't football fans he plays one of those positions where he is intended to be a holy terror to the opposing team. If you watch him play he can be a holy terror. He is, in a word, a man's man. The fun part of the article reveals that he still sleeps with his "b'ankie". What?

It struck me because in my sermon today I make the comparison of the kingdom of God, the Dream of God, as being like our blankie (or stuffed animal, nook, whatever) from our childhood. An item, much like a treasure, something that if gone missing we would sell ALL that we have to get it back. The article about Jerad All ends like this:

Can he hook up some of his teammates? "Nah,'' he said. "You can't just claim a blankie. A blankie has to have some significant meaning.

"Otherwise, it's just a blanket.''

I wonder, if something similar couldn't be said about the Dream of God? What is the significance to you? Or, How does it have significance to you?

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