Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Romans 11:27-36

I was struck today by Paul's question, "Who has known the mind of the Lord?"

Seriously, anyone? Could we even handle it? All I know is that sometimes people think because I'm a pastor I do know, or should know, what God is thinking or what God wants. Sometimes I feel that because I'm a pastor now I should know these things. Here is the truth of the matter: even though I'm now a pastor it turns out I'm still human (and I'm sure anyone that knows me personally at all will be glad to verify that). I'm like most people wishing God would send me an e-mail, text message, or something telling me exactly what God's will is so that I can try and follow it. Instead, I flounder around trying to make my way.

However, this not knowing is also good news in light of what Paul is writing here. Paul's talking about God's mercy for all people. That means God forgives those that we sometimes find hard to forgive. It means that God is far more open and forgiving than we are (or maybe I should say, I am) judgmental. That certainly is good news because despite the fact that I'm a pastor there are still those who would try and make the argument that I shouldn't be "in" with God. Thankfully, God doesn't think that way.

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