Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Romans 11:13-26

Paul is speaking to the unbelievers here and how they can be grafted into the tree of life, the remnant of believers. At first it got me to thinking of the new members we brought into our fold here at Christ Lutheran. There is great joy in seeing them joining our community of faith. At the same time there is a warning to respect the tradition, the pillars of the congregation, that have nourished us for years. Before we, who were already members, get too high on our selves seeing ourselves as part of the tree already it is a warning to us. We too were grafted in to this tree of life that began hundreds and thousands of years ago. We can be cut off like the unbelievers of Israel that Paul talks about. However, when wrapped in faith, in belief, we will be a part of the tree fed and nourished by God. Scary, maybe, but encouraging and hopeful for sure.

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