Monday, November 28, 2005

Romans 7:1-6

Yesterday I attempted to talk some about our being set free from this crazy rat race that the world has us sucked into. We keep moving about life faster and faster. Why? We feel more and more of a need to keep up with our neighbors, pushing many into unbelievable debt load. Why? I don't quite understand it, but that doesn't mean I'm free from it. Frankly, I'm just as guilty as the next guy. However, we have been set free and we can listen to Nancy Reagan and "Just Say, 'NO!'" We don't have to be sucked into this world of speed and greed. I love the way Paul talks about it today. He compares us to a widow. The law no longer applies to her, in terms of commitment to her husband, any more because he is dead. In the same way through baptism, through Jesus' death, we too are free from the laws of the world that once bound us. We are free to commit to something else, to someONE else.

What is binding you today? Where do you find freedom? What do you think about Paul's analogy?

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