Monday, November 21, 2005

Romans 5:15-21

I've just got two quick thoughts today:

1) Looking at verse 18, if sin came into the world through one person and one person brought justification into the world, how much can my actions (just one lowly person) effect the whole world? I'm not saying that I'm any where near the level of Jesus, or eve Adam for that matter. However, if God worked both of those things through just one person, How much might God work through me? Or you?

2) Verse 20 is something that really struck me today. It is so easy to see what goes wrong that we often miss the good that comes along with it. It's kind of like watching the news at night. We get plenty of images and stories about what went wrong, but what about all of the good things that happened today? This summer the youth are traveling to Lynn, MA (rough part of the Boston area) for a service trip. What we hear about Lynn is the crime, the poverty, the gangs...the things that are bad, we hear about sin abounding there. What about all of the good people that live there that are raising families, that are loving their neighbor no matter what? What about those families?

Where do you see grace abounding in your life today?

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