Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Romans 4:1-14

Promise, that's the word that stuck out for me today. Paul talks about Abraham and his circumcision. When was Abraham chosen? Before the circumcision! The circumcision was a sign then, simply, of what God had already done in his life. Abraham was chosen regardless of his actions. Is that not the case for us as well?

I pray today that I might live those promises given to me by God at birth, through my baptism. That I might know them in a real way. That we all may know them in a real way. That we may no longer be bound by the law, but be free to live beyond the law.

My question for today is, what does this say about our baptism? Has God chosen us before our baptism, just as God chose Abraham before his circumcision? If that is the case, how does that challenge our understanding of what is happening in the sacrament?

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