Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Romans 6:11-23

Paul talks today about being free from sin. I believe we are. Although, I must admit there are a lot of times I don't know if I really feel it. Oh sure, I'm nice and well behaved when I know people are watching. What about when I get in the car by myself? Or the thoughts of frustration, to near rage, that I feel when I'm stuck in a check-out line at the store and something isn't working right and it seems that only idiots are allowed to work on the current problem. Or the subtle ways I take out a tough day on family and friends. Sometimes, even, I just "lose it" for no apparent reason. It's these sorts of things that make me feel like I'm a slave to sin. I don't mean to scold that other driver under my breath, become impatient at the store, take out my frustrations on my family, or to get mad about silly little things. However, I do all of those things, even though they feel out of my control.

What I appreciate is that Paul appears to suggest this is perhaps normal. My impression is that what Paul is saying is that while we are now slaves to righteousness doesn't mean we don't slip over to our old sinful habits every now and again. In the end, because of Jesus, we are forgiven. That sounds good to me. Something, most certainly, to be thankful for.

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