Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life in the Valley

My wife grew up in Southwestern Wisconsin where everybody lives either "on the ridge" or "in the valley." I've been thinking about that as I think about our Transfiguration Gospel for this coming week. In our story for this week we see a couple of disciples go up to the mountain top where they see the glory of the Son of God. Yet, isn't the true glory as they come down the mountain? As the venture into the valley and they continue life, life in community, that is where the true glory of Christ is revealed.

Here, let's look at it a slightly different way. Transfiguration Sunday is the Sunday that leads into Lent. On the other end of Lent is another "mountain" top, where Christ is crucified. Lent, becomes the valley between two mountain tops. On the one end we have the mountain top we want and on the other is the mountain top we need. In between lies a life of ups, downs, and suffering which ultimately leads us to the cross. In that valley, leading us to the cross, lies a community that walks with us to the cross. Now isn't that really true glory?

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