Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Business As Usual

Is anybody else tired of watching the news talk about the attempts to get a stimulus bill passed? I admit I had hope that this might go a little differently this time. We had elected new leadership and more importantly we are facing a serious situation with our economy. I thought maybe it was a serious enough situation that politicians might be able to set aside some of their fierce party loyalty and compromise a little. Both sides of the aisle have ideas for the stimulation package that are going to make a difference as well as ideas that are limited in this current state of financial crisis. Yet what it largely seems to be is the Democrats writing the bill the way they want it to be and the Republicans refuting all points until they get one that looks exactly like the one they want. So isn't there a middle ground? Why can't these people change and learn to work together?

I suppose I should know better as a Christian. Isn't that why the church is still in business, peoples stubborn refusal to change their behavior? When was the last time you read a story from the Bible and couldn't relate it to something or someone today? The bible is filled with stories that are thousands of years old, stories that have been told and written down to help us change our behavior. So maybe we need to worry more about the plank in our own eye than the speck in theirs... although I do still wish more political talk would center around the actual ideas and less around fiercely loyal party lines.

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